L-Pack, who is one of Russia´s largest paper and corrugated producers, had a four colour 175 QS Ultima installed in July 2020. Since the very beginning the machine has been very productive, and L-Pack have repeatedly exceeded their production numbers.

On the 14th of November 2020, L-Pack managed to set a new production record with their 175 QS Ultima – they produced exceptional 337 000 boxes during a 12 hours shift with 14 order changes.

L-Pack already had a 245 QS Ultima and a 215 QS Ultima installed with which they have also been highly productive. With great operators and a focus on high output in combination with EMBA Ultima´s, with the shortest set-ups on the market, L-Pack are reaching maximum productivity.

EMBA is very pleased to be able to present these fantastic numbers on L-Pack´s new 175 QS Ultima, which we believe are to be considered as world record on mini line Flexo-Folder-Gluer.

L-PACK operators together with EMBA Service technician David Sinclair and our agent Alex Borisov.