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Machine Technology.
Now you can keep using your EMBA for many more years and still benefit from the latest technical developments. Don’t stand behind in inline technology or production data processing – up-date your EMBA now.

Machine Performance. Using the EMBA UP.GRADE™ programme, you can increase your EMBA’s productivity as well and reduce set-up time and win over your competitors.

Product Quality. Your EMBA will be able to comply with the continuously increasing market requirements. Up-scale your print quality, folding accuracy and cut back your tolerances by using the available retrofits for your machine type.

Die-Cutting unit
Do you have a machine without Die-Cutting unit? Or do you need to stop the machine for change of Die-Cutting tool? Our UP.GRADE™ programme also offers complete Die-Cutting units with the latest design in order to better match the needs of your customers. We can also, of course, offer upgrades for your existing Die-Cutter.
· Serrapid quick lock Die-Cut tool cylinder will help you cut down set-up times.
· A grinding system for free wheeling anvils can be fitted on the unit in order to extend the life time of the anvil covers.
· The transfer section between the Slotting unit and the Die-Cutting unit of old machines can be upgraded with a new belt transfer
- Improved die-cut register
- Secure a straight transport of the sheets.

Don’t let the old style Counter-Stacker be the bottle neck in your production. EMBA offers the possibility to upgrade existing inline machines to a new “down-stacker” with the latest technology.

Operator Interface
From your machine operators point of view, the interface is probably the most important part of a machine. Here he can run the machine and also optimise all machine functions and fine-tune production parameters. Just because your machine is a few years old it doesn’t mean that it has to stand behind in terms of machine control.
We have upgrades for the Operator Interface that will give you the same Interface as we have on the new machines today. They are all Windows® based and designed to suite your exact generation of machine.
Some of the benefits are:
· Access Article Database with possibility to store more than 100.000 articles.
· Open database configuration available for external system/computer network, like production planning system, etc.
· Extended alarm handling.
· Modem that enables fault tracing and support direct from EMBA Headquarter. All together this gives you an operator friendly machine with the shortest set-up times possible.
Folding Unit
Continuous development work over years gives you the possibility to upgrade even older machines with the new full vacuum folding units, like they are standard on our new machines today. This will give you exceptional control of the sheets and thus best conditions for an optimal folding. Our programme also offers:
· Extension of folding beams for improved die-cut waste separation.
· New EMBA Tab Remover to eliminate glue flap waste entering the glue system.
Correct creasing is a must for an optimal folding for each specific board quality.
· EMBA has developed a new range of creasing profiles, designed to cover a wide range of board qualities
- Improved folding accuracy
- Reduced crack of board.
· Improve slotting quality by changing over to different knives (toothed or not toothed) more suitable for your specific paper.

The market demand focuses more and more on print quality. Take the chance to enhance your competitive strength:

· Additional printing units – give you the possibility to run orders with a more advanced printing.
· New drive system for old printing units based on timing belt drive instead of chains
- Improved print-to-print tolerances
- Minimized maintenance and    maintenance costs.
· Peristaltic, quick reversible, ink pump
- Save wash time and minimize set-up time
- Minimize cost for ink loss.

The function of the infeed unit is vital for the performance and output of the entire machine. If the sheets are not properly feeded you will face register and folding problems throughout the machine. Our UP.GRADE™ Programme offers:

· vacuum – upgrade to a new, more efficient vacuum fan/pump.
· a new complete lead-egde feed table with the latest technology.