Packaging Express are a family owned business, with a long history of successfully operating corrugated box plants throughout the United States.

Jim Davis founded Packaging Express in 1998 after working over 30 years with other box manufacturers, (including DeLine Box Company). Davis’ father-in-law (T.J. McLaughlin) owned and operated three successful box plants in Iowa and Minnesota during the 1930s-1960s (Waterloo Corrugated). Today, Jim’s son Matt Davis, owns and operates Packaging Express with the same expertise and pride that his father and grandfather had. Passion for creating quality custom boxes in the Davis family is unquestionable!

Packaging Express is still located in Colorado Springs, CO, 55 miles south of Denver. The company now employs 25 people with an average tenure of nine years. In late 2020, the company moved from 45,000 sq ft of factory space to 94,000 sq ft of floor space. “At the time, we added a new Baysek die cutter along with significant improvements to our scrap system,” explains Matt Davis. “Then, in 2022, we added a new Emba 175 flexo folder gluer.”

Broad Customer Base

Davis continues, “Almost all of our customers are located in the state of Colorado, mainly Denver and Colorado Springs. Due to the fact that there is not one type of industry that dominates the region, we serve a variety of different industries such as manufacturing, consumer goods, food and beverage, e-commerce and many more.”

Why Choose 175 QS Ultima?

“After moving into our new facility in late 2020, we began working on our 10-year strategy and discussed what would grow our business for the next 10 to 20 years,” continues Davis. “What investment would be the biggest bang for our buck? Looking at the increasing trend for smaller boxes from e-commerce companies, we concluded that the Emba 175 QS Ultima would be the best long-term investment for Packaging Express.”


Published in The Packaging Portal 6th September 2023, read the full article here ULTIMA is a big hit for Packaging Express –