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Years of development have resulted in a variety of upgrades for your EMBA machine. Through continuous improvements and technically innovative solutions on new machines you are able to benefit from the latest technology available for your EMBA. Meet the market demand of better print quality and smaller order sizes with your existing machine through the unique EMBA Upgrade Programme.

Up -date, Up -grade, Up -scale…

... your machine technology.
Now you can keep using your mechanically reliable machines for many more years and still benefit from the latest technical developments. Don't stand behind in print technology or production data processing – up-date your equipment now.

… your machine performance.
Using the upgrades the EMBA EASY.UP Programme offers, you can increase your machines production speed as well and cut back set-up time and win over your competitors.

… your product quality.
Your machine will be able to make products you didn't dare to dream of. Up-scale your register accuracy, print quality and cut back your tolerances by using the available retrofits for your machine type.

...extend the lifetime of your EMBA.