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EMBA Parts Manager
Mario Sandora
Phone: +1 440-360-7940 ext 18
Fax: +1 440-360-7934
McKinley Parts Manager
George Conger
Phone: +1 440-360-7940 ext 23
Fax: +1 440-360-7934

When EMBA develops a machine, every single component is evaluated for its integrated function in the whole. With EMBA Original Parts you know that every component is developed, tested and adapted exactly for your machine and model.

Only EMBA Original parts

  • come with full guarantee and original quality.
  • are designed for best function and reliability.
  • can be sourced through the same logistic chain as you EMBA machine.
  • will perfectly fit in the machine.

In the Spare Parts Centre in our Headquarters in Örebro, Sweden and in our Service Centres in Germany, Italy and the US we have a vast stock of parts readily available. That’s why we’re your reliable partner of choice for all your EMBA parts needs.

Make sure that your EMBA machine stays an EMBA