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Phone: +1 440-360-7940
Fax: +1 +1 440-360-7934

Phone: +1 440-360-7940
Fax: +1 +1 440-360-7934
Or via e-mail at

In order to keep the performance of your EMBA machine at the optimum level you can fully rely on our Service Network of highly skilled and continuously factory trained Service Technicians.

They will install new and used machines for you. Professionally, cost efficiently and on time, they will give you and your staff the technical guidance and support you need on a day-by-day basis.

Our Service Technicians are qualified to do the EMBA Condition Test, a special machine check programme with a list of more than 280 checkpoints,developed to increase the quality of the products produced and avoid expensive unplanned production down time.

They can also answer all your questions on the EMBA Service Contract, which includes

  • the EMBA condition test,
  • the overhauling of your machine as agreed between you and our Service Technicians
  • fine tuning and training of operators/maintenance crew in order to utilise the EMBA machine to its full capacity and to reduce maintenance cost to a minimum.

Nobody knows your EMBA better. We built it