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Dear EMBA Customer & Friends!

Attached you will find your copy of the latest EMBA HL Newsletter for EMBA users.

EMBA Condition-Test

Improve the performance of your existing Genco, Corpart or EMBA Machine and use the newest available Upgrades. Raise the product quality; machine performance and prevent expensive machine down times.

The EMBA Condition-Test includes:

1. Technical check of the machine according to the test protocol in stand still and production.

2. After the condition test you will receive the result in written form on the basis of the test protocol. It includes also a detailed statement regarding the condition of the machine and the needed spare parts and repair actions.


3. Our well trained service-technicians will inform you about our newest available Upgrades for your machine. They will give you also valuable information about operating and maintenance as well. If interested we are pleased to send you a quotation.

For further information please contact:

EMBA Machinery GmbH, Spenglerstr. 11, D-23556 Lübeck, Germany
Tel. +49 451 61992-14 Fax +49 451 692080 service@emba-germany.de

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