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The Deltastack™ is newest generation of stripper stacker that includes a number of valuable innovations:

The new NFI-System (Non-Feed-Interrupt) for the first time offers the possibility to eliminate the unpopular feed-interrupts on the printer or die cutter after stack or bundle change, doing away with the quality issue of over-inking offering a major quality advantage. EMBA developed a unique drive concept that controls different speed zones on the platform individually, allowing independent accelerations. Depending on products, speed and shingling this creates a gap in board flow that allows for a bundle change in the correspondingly engineered hopper.

The NFI is supported by vacuum belts that assure a firm transport of the board, allowing safe acceleration. But also for regular operation the vacuum belts increase the process safety, especially running multiple outs.

Another new feature is the full pre-set-ability of order related setting on the lay boy, pusher or back-stop. Using a comfortable graphic display, the machine operator can easily recall stored data or enter new orders.

There are two versions of the Deltastack™: a sheet stacker for the operation with flexo printers or a stripper stacker that is installed behind rotary die cutters. The Deltastack™ can make stacks up to 2,0 m of height or count up to 6 bundles / minute for downstream handling. Multiple outs of up to 4 across and three rows can be handled as one web or detached - using the newly developed separators with pushing function.

The Deltastack™ is available in standard working widths of 2.100 to 3.200 mm and custom engineered up to 5.000 mm.

Technical Data  
board size (mm) max.
1.700 x 2.050 1.700 x 2.550 1.700 x 2.850 1.700 x 3.150
board size (mm) min. 330 x 600
max. stack height: 2.000 mm
max. bundle height: 250 mm
max. bundle output: 6/min
board calliper (mm) min/max 1-13 mm / F - double
rated power: 36 kVa
machine control: PLC, Bus Technology, graphic display
required air pressure: 7 bar
air consumption l/min max. 200