EMBA Comfort is our 360-degree support programme, covering every aspect of customer needs. Ranging from professional service to upgrades, spare parts and training – EMBA Comfort keeps both machines and operators at full capacity.

Professional service

From installing to remote support, our factory-trained service technicians are available for optimised machine efficiency. Services include extensive condition testing, overhauling and fine-tuning in order to maintain peak performance.

Upgrade programme

Access the latest upgrades and technical improvements straight from our R&D-department. Upgrades are continuously launched for both new and older machine models for improved productivity and up-to-date industry standards.


Every EMBA machine is manufactured with high-quality components for maximum productivity. Keep it that way by choosing original parts for full guarantee and trouble-free replacement.


We offer training for operators and staff aiming to take productivity to the next level. The courses combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills, as well as providing new perspectives regarding converting processes, teamwork and machine utilisation.

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