The new formula for productivity excellence

TwinFeed™ + XL Slotter = DualBox™ = 2x Output

The efficient leap for boosting the production of RSC boxes.

TwinFeedTM is the ultimate option for the 245 QS UltimaTM for feeding of two sheets, from 280 mm up to 520 mm in running direction in a single machine cycle. The extended EMBA Magna XL VSC slotting unit with four shafts provides efficient production of two RSC/boxes in the slotting unit. The production output is up to 30,000 boxes per hour, far above what you can achieve with a smaller casemaker.

A 245 QS Ultima specified with the DualBoxTM option feeds two sheets in the machine and converts them with no tolerance variations between the boxes. It is the perfect solution for converting a wide range of sheet sizes in a very productive way.

It’s like having two machines in one.