To Century Club

Visy Plant has done it again

Visy Plant was the first to win world’s first Platinum Century Club Award in October two years ago.

The crew of Steven Cartwright, Pierre Sassine and Loan Hoang pushed their machine to the incredible record by producing 150,000 boxes during a shift of 10.21 open hours with 51 order changes, the set-up time was 1,9 minutes on average.

The Century Club was first established in the year 1995 with the aim of providing motivation and incentive for crews that are new to EMBA machines to quickly learn to correctly, safely and efficiently operate their machine as a team. Over the years, many crews have taken up the challenge and fulfilled the criteria of membership, which indicates the success of the club goals and the popularity of the challenge.

By setting the bar higher with the new Platinum Century Club, EMBA has streched the challenge to operators around the world, to exceed their previous best figures. Visy Board, Coolaroo took up the challenge and proved they could do it on their 4-colour FFG 170 QS with die cutter.

The machine has the latest Quick Set capability with automatic setting through the entire machine. The top speed of the machine is 440 boxes per minute. On-the-run stereo changing enables very short stop times between jobs, maximizing the time in production. The criteria for Century and Platinum Century Club membership can be found here. Remember the club motto “Shortest Stop Time Wins” and see if you can reach the production targets set to become a member of this prestigious group.